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We have a wide choice of permanent and temporary jobs in the Cambridge area offering competitive rates of pay and access to the leading companies in the East of England.

First, you'll meet one of our team and tell them about yourself, your experience and what it is you are looking for. We'll then set to work; finding suitable opportunities for you, helping you prepare for interviews and providing you with detailed feedback afterwards.

And if you're on a temporary placement with us, we'll stay in touch with you throughout your assignment.

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Our top tips for a successful interview

  1. Think carefully about why you're looking for a new job. You should consider your motivations, your location, the travel limitations, the salary and other benefits and your work life balance.
  2. Plan when you'll be available for interview.
  3. Prepare for your interview (don't worry we'll help you). Most important of all, find out about the company you're going to see. You might know someone who works there. Look at their website (if they have one).
  4. Dress smart when you go for interviews. Even though you may end up wearing casual clothes at work.
  5. Give yourself time to arrive at an interview you'll give a better impression if you're relaxed and calm when you sit down.
  6. Remember to ask your prepared questions it will demonstrate your interest in the company and the role you've applied for.
  7. Be confident and smile!
  8. Tell us how the interview went as soon as you can. It will help us negotiate the best package for you.
  9. Keep your consultant updated with any changes to your circumstances or job search expectations.

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